As a website owner or an internet marketer, you already know what search engine optimization is and it significance to your online success. Statistics show that over 80% of the internet users opt to log on to Google for all their search requirements. Hence, sustaining a high search ranking on Google is crucial for the future and growth of your business on the World Wide Web.

Google Position as the Leading Search Engine

Over the years Google has been introducing some ground-breaking tools and technologies which help credible businesses promote themselves through SEO and simultaneously help internet users by offering them solutions as per their search needs.

Earlier this year, this search engine giant revealed about 40 changes in their algorithms with the purpose of enhancing their search quality. This extremely progressive search engine works hard towards developing systems which enhance quality of search results and collaboratively benefit internet users and businesses.

Among these updates, some of the major updates include a link evaluation update, a local search update, update with regards to the freshness of the content as well as its relevancy as well as a Panda update.

1. Through its link evaluation update, Google has decided to do away with the current method that is being employed for identification of the contents of a page that is linked.

2. Google has chosen to delve deeper into the significance of localized search results by integrating factors which will help generate more local search results by making effective use of factors determining the primary search results rankings.

3. The new signals introduced allow users to receive the most relevant and recently updated results.

4. Additionally, there are number of updates which work towards enhancing travel searches, Google Bar updates, enhanced video snippets as well as recent and updated image searches.