After buying the Google SEO Magic I soon had traffic coming in, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. There were certainly some surprises along the way that everyone needs to know about before they buy it.

Although you have to go through the trouble of messaging your click bank receipt number to Antonio Coleman on you tube to get your user name and password to the videos, the process viewing the product is quick. Once I started watching the videos in the member section, things got very interesting and some helpful things are exposed.

When I signed up for Google SEO Magic, I was skeptical about how this product could show me how to get front page ranking on Google in 24 hours, especially since there weren’t many testimonials out there about the product. It turns out that it actually does show you methods to get on the first page of Google but it’s not all equal in Google search engine.

Once you gain access to the members area of the Google SEO Magic website and begin your campaign it becomes clear that whether you get first page ranking depends on keywords and if you take action on what it tells you to do.

I noticed that one keyword I used i got 1st page ranking on Google. Then I tried another keyword and did everything Google SEO Magic told me to do and the results weren’t as good. I got 2nd page results, but it shows you how to pick keyword so they will rank better.

So although some keywords rank better than others, Google SEO Magic does make good on their promise of helping you rank on the first page in 24 hours. In fact, im ranked in 24 hours of only one of the methods used in the video tutorials. Yea, No kidding. I’ve already brought in 1000 dollars worth a traffic in a month from Google SEO Magic. It seems that Google SEO Magic is the real deal.