The lack of SEO implies that the search engines will not send any visitors to your website, causing adverse effects to your online business.
You require both ON-site as well OFF-site SEO. Unless the two are together, results won’t be encouraging.
Opt to start a SEO campaign without losing anymore time. If you fail to start soon, your competitors would have gone far ahead of you, making it tough for you beat them.
Recognize your competitors. Observe the keywords of the site of your competitors appearing on the first page and incorporate the appropriate keywords in your website.
Two website can never be similar. If any particular SEO strategy proved successful for some other person or business, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would work in your case too; that’s because many variables are involved.
SEO need not essentially be expensive. It is very much possible to get great results even with small budgets, provided you spend time and efforts in crafting superior content and building online relationships.
SEO doesn’t give immediate results. It may take a couple of weeks and even months for search engines to notice and rank your sites.
You’ll require some patience if your site is very recent. Gaining trust and getting recognition as an expert demands time. In the absence of these two features, you can’t expect your site to be ranked higher than old established sites.
Don’t ever think your website is complete, containing all it could possibly do. You have to keep updating it if you wish to get it ranked higher and attract more visitors plus business.
You should keep changing your SEO strategy to be in line with the search engines’ changing criteria for ranking sites.
There is no need for you to submit your site to the search engines anymore, as they have developed to the extent of not needing information whenever a new page or website is created.
Google has provided Webmaster Help Videos and Webmaster Guidelines to help people like you.
Take measures to avoid getting penalized by Google, as it pays a significant role in getting your site ranked. Penalties from Google may be heavy and your site may fail to get visitors for a long time.
You alone are responsible for your SEO strategy, and not knowing what to do and what not to do is no reason for search engines to take away your penalty.
Install and start using Google Analytics to know the number of people visiting your site, the keywords used by them to locate your site, and the pages visited by them.
Broaden your sources of getting traffic. Though Google is a great source for getting traffic, relying totally on it makes your position quite vulnerable.