You need SEO resources to optimize the websites with the use of right keywords, developing a linking strategy and developing a content strategy. To make your website familiar in the World Wide Web SEO forums and SEO bogs are considered as one of the main SEO resources. It is very challenging to find the right SEO resources. People with no SEO experience find the SEO forums and news groups very confusing.

SEO forums is the most popular and informative source of search engine optimization and internet marketing. Forums help you to integrate with the communities. There are certain guidelines for forums. Do not ask question in a forum that has already been asked. First search the topic see if it has been discussed earlier then there is no need of discussing it again. You can continue with the old thread. Do not believe on the comment of other persons unless it is supported by enough evidence, history or some linked URL related with the topic. Always discuss the exact topic in the exact category. Do not take a post which is off topic.

Be friendly while posting in a forum. Communicate your problems, ideas carefully. Make sure that people fully understand your requirement and you are able to express yourself clearly and precisely.

Follow the guidelines for Google optimization. This will help in getting your website indexed and searched by Google very soon. The unethical practice can lead your site to be completely removed from the Google rankings. This can further lead to reduction or removal of your page rank. Once a site gets penalized In Google it takes a very long time to appear again in the high search engine rankings.

Similar to discussion forums, Google and yahoo offers you the options of Google and yahoo groups. Both the sources can provide you with enough discussion matters on different subject topics. It helps in giving you regular search engine listings and you can generate best results to get to the top of listing.

Follow the guidelines for yahoo optimization to get your website indexed and ranked in top ten search engine rankings by yahoo. You can get listing for your desired keywords in yahoo and generate good amount of traffic towards your website.

SEO blogs provides you with the popular and resource oriented information on the internet. Some of these blogs have very informative content posted regularly.