Comparisons are bound to happen when two heavy weights come face to face in the arena. Hence, when Bing was introduced by Microsoft, many eye brows were raised on its efficiency. There was a speculation on whether it will be able to break the monotony of Google or not. With time, however, the guesstimate has mellowed, but the expectations are still to be surmounted. Whatever has been its performance, Bing has definitely been successful in getting attention from the SEO community. The truth remains that Bing is actually different from Google and has its share of strengths over it.

When we talk about Bing being different, it is not just the looks. No doubt, it is more attractive than a Google page, but, even the search results are better and relevant. Bing is not a case of just a frill without a trill. The interesting part about it is that the results you get on it are completely different from that of Google and better still, they are more effective. This aspect continues to amaze the SEO experts as the same set of words on Google and Bing give different set of results. Knowingly, Bing has a separate algorithm which could be the reason for this disparity. And, this disparity makes it necessary for them to re-optimize their sites for Bing.

Although the SEO experts are still at loggerheads in terms of coming to a conclusion over the algorithm of Bing, there are some factors which are believed to be important for Bing optimization. These are:

– The search results here show that the winners have been the ones with lesser back-links. Hence, lesser importance has been proved to be there for back-links on Bing.
– When back-links are of less significance, the chance of link spamming becomes even less effective.
– The anchor text matters and quality anchor text scores well both on Google and Bing.
– Bing gives more importance to on-page factors though not everyone agrees with this.
– More importance is there for the authority of the site. Bing gives priority to older and bigger sites, which means that bloggers and small sites have a rare chance of scoring high here. Similarly PR1 and PR2 sites are common among the top ten results, which is not there with Google.
– Quite expectedly, ancient content matters more with Bing but then this content is also relevant.
– Last but not the least; we can say that Bing is speculated to be more flash friendly. You don’t need to optimize a site for flash like in Google.

Well the judgment on the proven performance of Bing still has a lid over it. To judge it, is like standing on two scales. Many feel that authentic results have been a reason because the SEO results have still not been able to optimize for Bing. Hence, the results are more genuine sans any SEO aid or apparatus. Only time can give an answer to this antagonism.