Google has been creating a lot of stir in the industry since past few years now by launching innumerable changes in its algorithm to dodge the spam practices, which the websites are taking up. The recent changes that will come forward, are said to be related with the change of algorithm for the curbing of the false optimization practices that are being used to get in the better search engine ranks.

Recently, in early March, Google announced the targeting of the websites that were having suspicious or excessive SEO. The launch of this SEO changing algorithm remains a mystery as many in the industry are worried about the falls, which they will face with this change.

The ambiguity of the algorithm is causing emotional animosities among the people about how it will affect the rankings. Here is something, which will help you determine the facts easily:

Drops In Rankings:
According to Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, the new algorithm release of Google will wipe off the sites with excessive SEO. There have been random complaints about the dropping of rankings by a number of websites. Many web marketing solutions caught the Google’s eye and have recently claimed to have experienced sudden, unexplained ranking drops in their ranking on the search engine results.

Mr. Cutts claims in his blog that the update is not wide spread yet. Therefore, the reports of considerable drops in ranking may just be the starting.

Rewards for High Quality Sites
Another point, which may gain the contentment of many webmasters, is that Google will not penalize the websites having good quality material. Those sites, which are not using unfair practices to gain the attention of the visitors with the help of excessive keyword imposing, will be safe from the downfalls the Google’s SEO update will bring.

This step is somewhat similar to that of Panda update of 2011, where Google’s objective seems to be giving larger incentive to those websites that had useful and high quality content. While, those sites that had been applying spam techniques to win the SERPs faced penalizing and greater fall in the ranking.

“White-Hat” SEO Techniques
Thousand of websites over the internet have been using “white-hat” SEO techniques and have greatly outdone themselves. By the point of creating quality content, and using SEO practices that does not reflect spam practices websites will be safe from the Google changes from time after time.

Web Practices That Yield Results:
Original practices, web solutions that are not replicated, and the use of quality content to achieve high rankings for clients will benefit the online companies greatly. Thousands of companies are there, that are using ethical techniques to adapt to the changing Google’s practices and helping their clients to get continued benefits from the changing algorithms.

Originality of the designs and the use of best SEO techniques can do very well when the Google brings out its changes and can help gain unique position for the businesses in the searches.