There is so much nonsense surrounding SEO it is unreal. There is a whole industry now offering SEO and they would just love you to think that SEO is Rocket Science. Even Google could benefit if you to think it is too difficult to optimise your website yourself, because if you cannot get your site on the 1st Page naturally you may be more inclined to pay for it via Google AdWords.

Google is now so popular that most businesses that have ventured online to advertise are all competing for that sought after 1st Page position.

SEO companies and Google tend to do better if you think SEO is really complicated, so please be careful who you listen to, and be very careful before you give money to people to do your SEO.

The good news is SEO is not complicated. How well your SEO works and how fast you can get your website listed on the 1st Page of Google does depend on the industry you are in, and how much competition there is, but if you are sensible in your approach you should see improvement in your Google rankings in no time, which will give you the confidence to continue optimizing your website.

You can optimize your website in a number of fairly simple ways which you can easily learn about by doing a bit of research.

SEO is a very powerful and effective free marketing tool which you need to be using to promote your business.