The small shop mortgage companies cannot compete with the big lead generators in the mortgage lead aggregation space; it is just not cost effective. Most mortgage companies do not even know where to start even if they had the funds to make a go of it. Search Engine Optimization for the mortgage company can be facilitated with just a couple new loans per month but it will take an expert SEO to make sure your search optimization efforts are directed efficiently.

As a mortgage Web site owner wishing to rank well for high traffic keywords, you will need to invest somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 over the next 12 months. Thus, if you close two extra loans per month with an average margin of around $6,000 (plus or minus) per file, you can pay for your SEO strategy. That is the bitter pill you must swallow if you are to rank for your primary keywords. Nothing you have tried up to know is likely to have worked with any decent level of efficacy. The good news, (or troubling fact), is that you are probably paying that much for just six months of Internet leads. To get off the mortgage Internet lead treadmill, you need to strongly consider drastic measures that you would otherwise shy away from.

For your $150,000 over 12 months you will hire an SEO expert, (or strong knowledge candidate), who will hire a part time, talented Web developer, and a handful of auxiliary knowledge workers to help ghost write content and execute your link strategy. Chances are that unless you are an experienced writer, your primary focus should be on running your day-to-day operations and selling loans. Search Engine Optimization is a full time job requiring the same effort of a hungry loan officer. You would not send a rookie loan officer to close your highest margin loans anymore than you should allow an inexperienced help-desk operator to optimize your Web site. Both scenarios result in poor execution even if there is a lot of activity. Obviously this is more of a guideline than a rule; but guidelines are important to at least acknowledge in most cases.

For now we will assume that you accept that you will spend a sizable sum to achieve the results you demand. Let us go deeper into the strategy that has helped many mortgage sites rank for such keywords as California Home Loans, Mortgage Calculators, and other high level keywords. You need to understand the strategy so you are not taken for the proverbial ‘ride’ when selecting an SEO expert.