Good search marketing is a science — but it’s NOT rocket science!

In fact, you can easily find all the SEO optimization strategies you need to achieve a top Google ranking on one web page: Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

But surprisingly, many people (even search marketing professionals) have never visited it!

That tells me that there a lot of people out there using “black-hat” SEO optimization strategies to try to manipulate the search results… marketing strategies that directly contradict the ones laid out by the very people who decide how to rank YOUR site.

And these search marketing tactics and SEO optimization strategies will get you penalized — and even banned from Google for good.

So how can you make sure your site doesn’t accidentally end up on Google’s trash heap?

Before you implement any new search marketing strategy, ask yourself this:

“Could I talk to Google about it?”

If you can’t answer “yes” with confidence, go read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The SEO optimization strategies for achieving a top Google ranking are all there in plain English…

Create a well laid-out site
Create lots of good quality content
Get other sites to link to you
That’s it!

You’ll also find Google’s Quality Guidelines that tell you the search marketing manipulation techniques you need to avoid at all costs! Because when sites that offer NO value to the searchers appear at the top of the search results, they ruin things for everybody…

For the searchers who aren’t finding the information they’re looking for… For Google, whose reputation for providing relevant results is compromised… And for legitimate search marketers whose sites get dropped from the rankings because of a Google algorithm shake-down in response to a new “black-hat” SEO optimization method.

In fact, the only way to protect your site from shifting Google algorithms is to follow the search marketing process laid out in Google’s guidelines.

And despite what some search marketers would have you believe, it doesn’t have to take six to eight months to achieve a top ranking when you follow Google’s simple rules. In fact, you can get results in as little as 48 hours! (Optimizing an entire site takes a bit longer — about 30-45 days before you can move into the “maintenance” phase.