Search engine optimization is not so simple and easy task now for search engine optimisers and web experts. But if you can see the rapid changing algorithms, uncertain updates with tough guidelines from search engine makes the tasks harder and complex with every update. It’s like you should be consistent with your research work and more actively involved at some good SEO forums.

I am a member of many search engine optimization forums from many years, and have analyzed that trends and webmaster problems change with every update regarding Google PageRank, Back Links problems, Supplement results from Google, banning of websites and having no website popularity after even making all things done properly. Well, I always say – “It depends”. Yes! It depends on –

Your website market or online product.
Your website strategy – means what’s the basic need behind the making of your website.
Your website look (it means design layout) – It should be visitor appealing so that he can bookmark your website and come back to it.
Your website navigation – it helps your web site’s usability.
Make all of website URLs search engine friendly – Well, all static web pages are search engine friendly but if you are using a dynamic website with .asp or .php, please use server redirection (eg. mod_rewrite, 301 or 302 redirection) to make it into SE friendly URL.
Now, we can move on web marketing or SEO facts for the website which you are going to promote in search engines. Let’s start with search engines king Google. Everybody wants their website rankings on the top pages of Google because we all are very well aware about Google search criteria, vast exposure and online marketing. If you can see from Google side, this search engine changes very rapidly in terms of updates. That time is gone when Google made updates every 3-4 months. But now, it is unpredictable. In regards of good positioning and organic rankings at major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Following are the methods and facts which should be checked out during “On-page Optimization” and “Off-page Optimization”. Let’s start with On Page Optimization factors –
Good SEO strategy.
Please go for ethical search engine optimization services.
Website home page should have all main links with keyword targeting anchor text.
Proper keyword selection and analysis according to your website marketing.
Website html and CSS should be as per of W3 validations.
Meta tags placements – Mind it – all web pages must have individual and meaning full META tags (title, description, keywords) if you don’t want to be in supplement results in Google. I always used to emphasize.
All web pages shouldn’t have the same content and should not be optimized for more than 3 keywords with using h1, h2, h3, h4, bold, italic and other styling tags.
Don’t engage in keyword stuffing in the content of web pages. That can really harm.
Don’t use any hidden content.
Give proper alt tags to images.