Ironically, one of the biggest search queries passing through the Google engine today is from online entrepreneurs who have the responsibility of assembling their own content. That call is for keyword research SEO tools.

Since the written text that Internet surfers and online visitors read has to genuinely, accurately, plus INTERESTINGLY engage the psyche, the entrepreneur who presents that material must incorporate key-phrases that reflect the personalized thoughts of potential buyers. Thus, what do YOU believe is the best way to capture these highly related plus motivating keywords?

Well, lucky guessing may work for some, and very temporarily, at that. Yet, the GREATER task of assembling, analyzing, and selecting these worthwhile phrases comes with the expert aid of keyword analysis reporting. When taking on the role of content producer, along with practical usage of keyword research SEO tools, the hat of an outstanding keyword researcher must also be worn.

For example, to find ten existing cream-of-the-crop, officially recognized Google buyer-oriented keywords for your campaign, even in the face of 300 MILLION other online competitors, you can still achieve Google first-page results placement with your keywords via thorough search keyword analysis preparation. In this way, you also know that as few as only 300, 100, and often even less than 50 competing sites throughout the nation are using these exact key-phrases while implementing PROPER distribution within their titles and anchor text delivery.

Yet, even with proper utilization of keyword research SEO tools, what is the MOST important fact or piece of data you need to know about keyword ranking on Google? The answer to this question, oddly enough, remains something that the majority of online authors, Internet marketing gurus, or web masters seldom mention — and, who knows why it remains such a quietly kept secret.

Nonetheless, one of the most meaningful statistics required while assembling keywords for research is knowing the COMBINED status of title and anchor text utilization for essentially EACH and every existing pertaining to your niche. For instance, 200 MILLION competitors may exist for your phrase via simplified organic search.

However, your keyword research SEO tools or sources can reveal a number that is actually totally DIFFERENT than the above 200 million — namely, this statistic will reflect a sum close to merely 300 thousand, which reduces your opposition by approximately 85% plus makes you more prone to become a believer in deeper search keyword analysis methodology.

Even more relevant is the following fact. While assembling your in-title / in-anchor keyword analysis report data, you often uncover significant Google niche keywords that have as little as 388 to only 34 national competitors.

In case you are still wondering what is the significance of keyword anchor text existing SIMULTANEOUSLY in BOTH your competitor’s title pages plus the text on the actual document presented, here is what keyword research SEO tools implementation can additionally reveal.

Anchor and title text details display your chances of appearing on page ONE of Google search results. Their numbers indicate a CURRENT reflection of how many sites you have to “beat” in order to occupy that specific position today.