SEO link building service used to be so simple – arrange to swap a few links with whoever was willing. It got more sophisticated and commercialized, with entire firms focused on brokering link swapping arrangements. Then Google started playing tough. Gone are the days of irrelevant links boosting your page rank. Automated link building services? A pipe dream squashed by Google like a cardboard block house in a preschool.

No, link building was not going to be an easy, simple, or foolproof process. Countless perpetual inhabitants of the Google Sandbox can vouch for that unfortunate truth. The endless varieties of ways you can go wrong in link building outnumber the sites devoted to weight loss after the holidays. The sheer volume of woes you can bring upon your site by doing link building incorrectly is enough to make even the most determined online marketer cower in fear of displeasing the “Google gods.” This new variety of anxiety has been dubbed “Googlephobia.”

That’s why a sanity-craving website owner should consider working with a professional SEO link building service. Ever vigilant, with an ear to the ground to detect the slightest shift in the big G’s policies and preferences, an SEO link building service dedicates resources to stay abreast of every change in best practices.

Googlephobia has spawned the equivalent of countless old wives tales and superstitions, and some linger for years, leading slow-adopters astray like persistent urban legends that multiply in email inboxes around the world. Google’s cloak of mystery often seems only to part after the fact – after a site is banished.

However, for today, best practices any good SEO link building service follows cover the what, the when, the how, and the where of backlink creation:

What: High-quality content. No junk. No spam. No tricks. Solid articles, press releases, and videos are as close to a sure bet for pleasing Google as you’ll get.

When: Think of Goldilocks. Not too often. Not too seldom. Just right. Of course, that’s a vague time table at best. Think of Google as your neighbor (not the one with the crazy-eyed pit bull, the other one – the one you could borrow sugar from if you needed to). How often should you stop by for a chat? Once a week, tops – and you risk appearing aloof if you let more than a month go by.

How: Think “natural” when you plan your link-building efforts. The more natural your backlink creation appears, the less reason you have to fear being Google slapped. Automated software is often a big no-no, as this is frowned upon by Google. A human touch is better rewarded by the big G.