There are numerous theories and notions about what effective search engine optimization or SEO is. Freshness updates, Google slaps and all sort of theory about what is really going on with the search engines. But here’s one the reality everyone agrees on. Google is the biggest and most important search engine in existence (at least as of 2012, who knows what will happen next year).

No matter what SEO philosophy you subscribe too, there is overwhelming evidence and agreement that the following factors are hands down the most important when it comes to SEO and to have search engines like Google fall in love with your website

The only way to get Google to love your website is to offer Google what it wants. Easy enough right?

Here are the three things that Google absolutely wants.

Good use of relevant keywords, high quality and original content & relevant and high quality inbound links or back links.

On the keywords, Google, understandably so, wants to see keywords that match what users are searching for in their engine. Google’s job is to connect searchers to providers, or customers to vendors. Therefore it wants to give its users the most relevant and most compatible results in order to provide a great experience to their searchers. The closer the results are to what the users are searching for the better the experience of that user. And that is exactly what Google wants. So, as such, you as a website owner need to focus on the most relevant yet popular keywords in order to get more qualified and targeted traffic.

On the content, Google wants to find results that contain quality content. This helps them achieve their overall goal of creating a great experience to their searchers. By ranking pages with highly valuable content higher than less quality pages, it maximizes the chance of a great experience for the users. Think about it. If you perform a search on Google and find highly valuable and highly relevant pages the chances of you finding exactly what you were looking for and having a great experience are very high. Knowing this, if you have a website with low quality content, that gives no valuable information and help to users, Google will give your, more useful, competitors a far better rankings than it will give your website.

On the inbound links or backlinks, Google wants to know who you are related to, and how credible those relationships are. In other words they want to see who trusts you website enough to link to it.

Google measures the reliability of your website by who is linking to it. Knowing this, you need to earn Google’s respect by associating yourself with quality sources. Link to high quality at are related to your business, and continue creating valuable content.